I Know Sousa, Not Sopranos! A Survival Guide for the Band Director Teaching Choirs by Russell Robinson

About this text:

You, the instrumental teacher, have been given the "opportunity" to work with a choir. Whether or not the decision was made by you or for you, moving from the realm of Sousa to the land of sopranos can be a disconcerting prospect for even the most experienced band or orchestra director. But fear not—trained instrumentalist turned choral director Russ Robinson has written I Know Sousa, Not Sopranos! to help you survive your foray into this strange land. Dr. Robinson's goals with this guide are simple—to show those educators who have been trained in instrumental music that they already possess many of the musical skills necessary to teach choral music, and to present, in a straightforward and accessible manner, knowledge and awareness of key areas unique to directing a choir.