Faith, Hope, and Love: A Choral Triptych by Mark Hayes

About this music:

Inspired by a familiar passage of scripture, this fifteen-minute work is written in three movements, each one exploring a theme of the title.

This Is Faith begins with a treble solo. After growing into soaring passages sung by both choirs, the movement ends with a reprise of the beginning solo and the statement: I believe dawn will rise again. This is faith.

While I Breathe, I Hope is an energetic and rhythmic contrast to the first piece, full of syncopation and joyous lyrics that communicate a message of hope.

Love Conquers All celebrates the beauty of creation and that love is what binds us all together. Set in a dance-like 6/8 meter, it builds to a momentous climax and then concludes with a quiet, unaccompanied Amen set in a polyphonic style.

Faith, Hope, and Love may be performed in its entirety or as individual pieces. Either way, this music is perfect for concerts, festivals, or worship services, whether performed with Mark Hayes's own orchestration or piano alone.

SSA, SATB, and Treble Soloist with opt. Orchestra
Orchestra Score and Parts